Alex Davey

front-end developer + illustrator living in Toronto.

I currently work as a front-end developer at JRC9 Design Studio, located at the Centre for Social Innovation.

I work with a passionate team committed to helping change-makers and social innovators improve their online presence.

I'm currently taking Advanced JavaScript & jQuery at HackerYou.


  • 2017 | HackerYou
    Advanced JavaScript & jQuery
  • 2015 | HackerYou
    Web Development Immersive
  • 2009 | OCAD University
    Bachelor of Design (Illustration)


  • 2015 + | HackerYou
    Bootcamp Buddy
  • 2015 + | Ladies Learning Code

Technical Skills

  • HTML 5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • LESS / Sass
  • Responsive Design
  • Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign
  • Creative Cloud
  • Bootstrap
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Custom SVGS


Below is my front-end development work, and further down is my illustration work.

Front-end Web Development

Mississauga Culture

Developed on Drupal CMS, this site was created to promote events in the City of Mississauga. This site was completed and launched under contract with JRC9 Design Studio.

  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • Less
  • JavaScript
  • User-Testing
  • Responsive Design
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Teach For Canada

I updated Teach For Canada's Landing Page, Teacher Page and Communities page creating new layouts and templates similar to their existing design.

  • Drupal
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Design
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Hipster Baby Name Generator

I built this name generator around the time my best friend was expecting. In the first week of it's launch, the name generator had received 30,000 views world-wide, which I tracked with Google Analytics. I also added a Tweet button, so I could interact with my users and see what names they came up with. You can read more about my process and success here.

  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Design
  • Google Analytics
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World Vision Academy

Developed using Wordpress CMS, this site was created to promote World Vision's Academy future trips, camps, and online courses. This was completed under contract with JRC9 Design Studio.

  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Design
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Shameless Magazine

ME 2.0

This was my first cover illustration for Shameless Magazine. This magazine actually launched my interest and now passion for coding, as this issue covered HackerYou and Ladies Learning Code founder, Heather Payne. I am very proud of this issue, and hope it inspired lots of amazing, kick-ass young girls!

Client: Shameless Magazine: The Tech Issue, Issue 27

Art Director: Sheila Sampath



Elle Canada approached me to re-print an personal illustration piece I had completed a few months prior. This was a full page print :)

Client: Elle Canada

Art Director: Elena Viltovskaia

Green Building

Green Building

This was an illustration for Azure Magazine's Green Living Issue, and my first major editorial illustration leaving OCAD University. I loved how the feel of the Green House was like a look inside a child's dollhouse.

Client: Azure Magazine

Art Director: Melissa Agostino



OCAD University's Illustration Department submitted this piece on my behalf for consideration for the American Illustration Awards. I was selected to be included in the annual which included both professional and student work.

Awards: Selected for American Illustration

Personal Work



This piece was from my OCAD Thesis, "Animal Mating Vs. Human Dating". This is the mating ritual of the an angler fish, who lures their mate sneakily and the traps them.

Awards: Chosen for American Illustration

Student Work

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